Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trip Delayed...Back To Whixall Marina

Well, I always say plans don't always happen and on Friday we made the decision to turn around just before Wrenbury as we weren't happy with Ben the dog. He's been a bit wobbly and had definately lost his bounce not wanting to jump on or off the boat.

So eleven locks, seven lift bridges and seven hours later we were tired but home in Whixall Marina. An appointment for Saturday morning had been arranged before we left. It's the first time we've been cruising by 7.30  in the morning but  it always takes longer against the flow of the Llangollen Canal.

At Blakemere Vets she gave him an examination  but he didn't make a sound as she checked him out, so that wasn't very helpful. She thinks he's hurt himself and prescribed anti inflammatory/pain killer orally after giving him an injection. By the afternoon he was looking happier and he even wanted to play ball along the boat for ten minutes, which he hasn't done for a while so he must have been feeling a bit better.

So we have to see how he is and go back to the vet in a few days. Hopefully  he'll be fine and further investigations will not be needed and we can be on our travels once again.

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