Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leaving Whixall Marina.......Out Cruising!

Hurray the rain's stopped
Well we planned to leave and go cruising today so we did, even though it was raining. First of all we topped up the diesel tank with 50 litres, got rid of the rubbish and then we were away. As we left the marina Ben and I got off at the bridge and headed for the first lift bridge with windlass in hand. Lots of turns up and down ...I gave up counting after  fifty! The second lift bridge was just as  hard...definitely need to build up those arm muscles! We carried on walking until the third lift bridge was done next to the scrap yard then it was back on the boat as the towpath goes missing a little further on.
Under a Lift Bridge  (Prees Branch)
I enjoyed a welcome cup of coffee and a ham sandwich before I tackled the lift bridge which is painted green after Platt Lane.  We stopped a little further near Fenn's Bank after four lift bridges the three more to get us to Whitchurch could wait until another day. Just two hours on the clock today....Sue  & Vic on NB No Problem we are going slow!

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Sue said...

Oh don't worry we will catch up at the end of the week! Looking forward to it too!