Sunday, April 20, 2014

Just Chilling

We took a cruise to Ellesmere on Wednesday and the weather was lovely, but our return trip on Thursday was definately chilly. The fire was soon lit to warm us up, our crew had stayed warm in the boat. Soon we were moored up and connected to the shoreline for the Easter weekend. We'd decided to stay put until Tuesday for a chilling and relaxing weekend once we were on our own again.

On Friday I  took Ben for a walk before he stayed on the boat, as we were taking Lisa and Gwen to the Railway Station in Shrewsbury. On the way we stopped at Mac Donald's outside Shrewsbury at it was lunchtime and  I love Quarterpounders with cheese. Suitably full we set off to the station, getting a pass to go on the platform to see them off. Two hours later we had a phone call to say they were home. It was lovely to see them.

While they were travelling we did a little M & S shopping to replace some worn out  jeans and get some fruit.Then it was back to the boat to let Ben out and start the washing which had accumulated in the last week.

Today Ben and I walked the Mosses before returning to the boat for a thoroughly lazy afternoon. Shepherd's Pie for lunch so hardly any washing up either.I enjoyed catching up on the boater's blogs included NB Matilda Rose a.k.a Contented Souls which is now in Belgium. I look forward to their adventures. 

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