Monday, April 07, 2014

Ben's Busy Day

Today Ben and I were out for hours walking on the Mosses, it stayed dry until we were walking down the Prees Branch back to Whixall Marina. I had waterproofs on and Ben had the use of a towel although I had to wash his feet, legs and undercarriage.....he was filthly. He grumbled at the treatment too. 

After lunch we kept our appointment at the vets in Ellesmere for Ben's annual booster vacinations and a supply of Frontline to keep the fleas and ticks away. They made a mistake with the cost which I  queried ......there was an oustanding bill  for castration for another dog added to my bill......phew! I knew it didn't cost £190  for vaccinations, worming tablets and Frontline pipettes.

Ben's now fast asleep, I had to hide his worming tablets in cubes of cheese....which he never bothers to chew.


Sue said...

Passed by today. Pity you weren't on the towpath at the time we might have seen you.

I wonder though if you meant today because we never had any rain just a pesky chilly wind

Sue said...

Ooops now I see you have Monday on the blog.. Yes we got a soaking too!

We might see you on our way back then?

Elsie said...

Hi Sue,
I walked those Mosses Monday morning! We may miss you as we're going to Wales on Friday until Tuesday 15th April. After that we're doing a short trip to Ellesmere with our daughter Gwen and grandaughter Gwen and back to the marina at the weekend.

After that we're off for a cruise firstly heading down the Shroppie and looking forward to it.

Hope we see you,Elsie & Eric

Elsie said...

I mean't daughter Lisa......brain dead or what?