Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Walk To Grindley Brook

Our overnight mooring

We left our overnight mooring before Bridge 38, Eric steered the boat while Ben and I walked. We had some gun shots last night I think someone was shooting rabbits we'd seen running in the field nearby and noisy crows this morning but it was great to out of the marina with grass alongside rather a pontoon.

NB Bendigedig on the move

We had three lift bridges to do but ended up only have to raise and lower one as lots of other boats were moving.It took one hour and a half to walk to the moorings above Grindley  Brook so Ben's ate his dinner and is  having a nap. For me it's boots off and  some lunch.

After lunch we had a surprise NB Balmaha with Mo & Ness were passing so stopped for coffee. Great to have a catch up chat, we last met them two years ago in Llangollen. Lookout Sue they are coming to find you.


Sue said...

Yes we found them Elsie! We are a mile behind you now.. See you tomorrow! :)

Elsie said...

Hi, I hope you didn't pass us before eight this morning. See you soon.