Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hello Paula

I've had a complaint from my sister in law Paula that I'm not blogging enough to keep her entertained. Since we are currently moored up in Whixall Marina there isn't anything particularly interesting to blog about so I'll bore you with what we've done today.

My day started with a hot shower and getting dressed to take Ben the dog out for his first wee of the day, I didn't want to frighten our neighbours by going out with bed hair, pyjamas and dressing gown. Ben has an excellent bladder and lasts from 10.30pm until after 9.00am the next day......I wish I didn't have to get up in the night.

I then potter about getting breakfast and coffee sorted before Eric wakes up....he's not a morning person.Once Eric was up, fed and watered we wondered what to do today. We were feeling a bit cabin crazy and went for a drive into Ellesmere so I could walk Ben the dog for an hour. Eric has a painful heel at the moment so walking for him isn't much fun.

We picked up the Sunday papers and headed back to the boat by car as I had some lamb steaks to cook for lunch with fresh vegetables and Auntie Bessie's roasties. That was followed by home made rice pudding and a lazy afternoon where the only activity was  feeding the fire with coal and wood, listening to Shropshire radio, playing games on the tablet and reading the papers. We did have to play ball with Ben the dog once he had his after dinner nap. He likes meat and vegetables too.

So Paula not a very eventful day but we're happy....I hope your day was good too.

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