Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Goodbye Newport....Back Soon

On Sunday we made the three hour journey to Newport and our first port of call was grandaughter number one Gwenllian and her mum Lisa so cuddles all round. I took Ben for a walk around the nearby park to stretch his legs before we left Lisa and Gwen  and went up the hill to Clare's house. Ben was holding Poppy the puppy when  we arrived as all she wants to do is play and Ben the dog's basically not interested and soon warns her off if she gets close. As usual it wasn't an easy couple of days.

On Monday we had a walk around Tredegar Park near my dad's house before visiting him.He wanted to go out to lunch so we dropped Ben the dog off at Clare's house and tried the Rhiwderin Inn which had some good reviews on the Internet. The food was lovely and we had a good catch up chat with my dad. There was 20% off the main meals ( if you had a bus pass) so that was an extra bonus. I had a lovely ham salad with thick cut cooked ham just how it used to be before wafer thin ham was invented.

Back at Clare's I made a curry for tea but I was still full from lunch so I didn't have any this time. Later on we went to see Eric's sister Paula with Ben the dog so Poppy could run freely round the house rather than just have the kitchen with a baby gate to keep Ben the dog away....not that she's quiet, she barks  as she just wants to get to him and he's a grumpy old dog.

On Tuesday it was time to pick up our prescriptions from the chemist to keep us going for another month and another dog walk. A quick phone call to daughter Sally confirmed they were home and we go and visit grandaughter number two Scarlett who's nearly three months old and  doing well on her mother's milk. She was enjoying some exercise on her play mat waving her arms and legs about just like she did on the video Sally sent us.

Today we're heading back to Whixall leaving Poppy the puppy, daughter Clare and her partner Ben to a little peace and quiet. Before we go I'll have to take Ben the dog for a walk alongside the River Ebbw in Tredegar Park. We'll be back in four weeks as it's birthday time for Gwenllian who will be six and my dad, her great grandad who will be eighty seven years young.

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