Saturday, March 08, 2014

A Walk Into Whitchurch

Today I had a late start not waking until 9.30am,  so after a shower it was a quick walk up the lane outside the marina with Ben the dog before breakfast. He was fast asleep until I got up ....he's obviously got a good bladder! Eric's was soon up when he heard us going out.

After breakfast Eric dropped me off at Grindley Brook so Ben and I could walk into Whitchurch along the towpath , down the Whitchurch Arm  following the route to the Park where we met Eric. On the towpath above  Grindley Brook there was a Cafe Boat and a Sweet Boat but I didn't have any was in my shopping bag in the car.

We walked through the Park into town where Eric had parked the car in Tesco's car park. After putting Ben in the back of the car we did a little bit of shopping. We didn't need  much as tomorrow we're off to sunny Newport in south Wales for a visit. Look out Poppy the puppy grumpy Ben is on his way.

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