Friday, February 14, 2014

Windy at Whixall

We've spent the last few days in Newport and I can't say I really noticed the wind even though Clare lives on the top of Barrack Hill. It wasn't too bad when I went dog walking and inside the house you didn't really hear it.

But it was a different story in North Shropshire where Whixall Marina is. The force of the wind knocked over a post which had a life ring attached. Our life ring was floating in the marina still attached by it's cord to the boat. The front cratch cover had blown open and the one zip was undone, some of  the elastic fasteners holding the cover shut must be in the water too, luckily we'd bought some spares in Nantwich Chandlery. We also lost a fender hanging from the must be floating somewhere? Luckily we didn't loose the chimney hat and our satellite dish was safely inside the boat.

One of the boaters' here while we were away said the boats were rocking and rolling on the pontoons and they expected some broken ropes it was so bad. I hope it didn't keep them awake.

As we left Newport today it was sleeting and it was certainly a very wet trip back. We arrived at Whixall in a hail storm! Ben was keen to get inside out of the cold , wet weather.

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