Saturday, February 01, 2014

Happy Birthday Clare

On Friday we made our way back to Whixall, the weather was very wet and there was plenty of water on the roads. We were diverted because of a road closure too. Along the lanes to Whixall we had the usual big puddles sometimes meeting in the middle to make a flood but not too deep to get through. Back on the boat it was time to warm it up a bit, we left an electric radiator on low so the about was about 10 degrees C but it was soon up to 20 degrees C once the fire was lit and the central heating put on.
Today we woke up to sunshine with a bitterly cold wind so the thermals were needed for the dog walk this morning. Plenty of mud down the Prees branch but it didn't start to rain until we got back. A quick walk over to the Marina office to pay for some  coal,  logs and electricity cards before lunch. A lazy afternoon is planned Wales v Italy is on the television this afternoon.

It's our daughter Clare's birthday today, she no longer needs the sticks after a back operation but she still can't ride her's in bits at the moment anyway.

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