Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Quick Update

Well my birthday came and went...not that a feel any different.  I cooked a Sunday roast as last time we ate Sunday lunch in a restaurant we had very hard vegetables. I had a coffee and walnut birthday cake courtesy of Tesco's as my favourite carrot cake is not sold in the Ellesmere store. As we  now have a postbox we actually had some birthday cards over the last few days....it's Eric's birthday on Thursday when he'll be 66 years young. 

My big toe is better making dog walking easier but now I have a very annoying dry cough. Ben and I have been out walking on the Mosses although after March 1st he'll have to be on a lead as the bird's are breeding. It wasn't too wet. Today walking in Ellesmere by the Mere the lake is much higher than usual with the fishing platforms under water, and a small area of flooded grass. Quite a few large trees are down in the woodland walk area and as usual lots if mud.

While I was walking Eric had a haircut and he looked after Ben the dog while I had my hair cut in Ceri's in Ellesmere.We then went to Wrexham to pick up Eric's shoes in the Clark's shop and we picked up a Macdonalds too! Of course Ben had to have some beefburger but I had the chips and coffee all to myself.


Halfie said...

What a coincidence: I had a Tesco coffee and walnut cake (supplied by my daughter) for my birthday on Sunday too!

Happy Birthday.

Elsie said...

Happy Birthday Halfie