Friday, February 28, 2014

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

On Wednesday we had a lunch date with Nick and Liz (NB Henry) currently moored at Llangollen. They'd chosen 'Sun Trevor' as they offer a free main meal within a few days of your birthday with a form printed off from the internet, so we had two free main meals. Eric had  beef and ale pie which looked delicious and I had a surf and turf....very nice too. Of course we had to sample the dessert menu....delicious lemon meringue pie and icecream. We left the pub rather full after a very nice afternoon,

On Thursday Ben and I had a walk on the Mosses which surprisingly wasn't too wet along the trails. Ben loves being off his lead but from March 1st it's not allowed.  I'd left Eric having a birthday lie-in. By the time we got back he was up and the boat had been vacuumed which was good as it saved me a job. We had a birthday cake of course and some cards in the post as well as phone calls from family.

Today we've been to Market Drayton for a change of scenery and we sampled the excellent fish and chips in Morrisson's Cafe. Before we went I got jumped on by Ben the dog for a cwtch (welsh for cuddle) who realised he was going to be left as we  were going out. He'd had a walk so I knew he'd be fine, and hoped he wouldn't bark. As we left we couldn't hear him!

When we got back Ben and I had a little walk then he had an afternoon nap!  I expect Eric will have one too.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Quick Update

Well my birthday came and went...not that a feel any different.  I cooked a Sunday roast as last time we ate Sunday lunch in a restaurant we had very hard vegetables. I had a coffee and walnut birthday cake courtesy of Tesco's as my favourite carrot cake is not sold in the Ellesmere store. As we  now have a postbox we actually had some birthday cards over the last few's Eric's birthday on Thursday when he'll be 66 years young. 

My big toe is better making dog walking easier but now I have a very annoying dry cough. Ben and I have been out walking on the Mosses although after March 1st he'll have to be on a lead as the bird's are breeding. It wasn't too wet. Today walking in Ellesmere by the Mere the lake is much higher than usual with the fishing platforms under water, and a small area of flooded grass. Quite a few large trees are down in the woodland walk area and as usual lots if mud.

While I was walking Eric had a haircut and he looked after Ben the dog while I had my hair cut in Ceri's in Ellesmere.We then went to Wrexham to pick up Eric's shoes in the Clark's shop and we picked up a Macdonalds too! Of course Ben had to have some beefburger but I had the chips and coffee all to myself.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Few Days Sunshine

The last three days we've actually had sunshine and much warmer weather.  On Tuesday we had a trip to Whitchurch by car and took Ben for a walk through the Countryside Park to the Whitchurch Arm of the canal. On the way back to Whixall  we popped into the Household Recycling Centre off Waymills in Whitchurch to get rid off some electrical items. A very organised site with labelled skips and containers and no fuss. In some places you have to give a post code.

Yesterday we had a trip to Wrexham......Google Navigation took us down some mud covered country lanes with lots of pot holes so we came back on main roads via Ellesmere. We couldn't go to Wrexham without having fish and chips in Les's, although this time I had a baked potato with chilli for a change. Eric bought me two silver beads for my bracelet as it's my birthday on Sunday. I will be 64 and the Beatles song comes to mind.....will you still feed me will you still need me when I'm 64?

Today's walk in the sunshine was slow, my big toe joint is giving me pain but Ben didn't mind he just had longer to sniff and smell. This afternoon the wind has increased but we still have sunshine shining on the solar panels. The sunny weather certainly gives us hope that perhaps the gales and cold wet weather are behind us.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Windy at Whixall

We've spent the last few days in Newport and I can't say I really noticed the wind even though Clare lives on the top of Barrack Hill. It wasn't too bad when I went dog walking and inside the house you didn't really hear it.

But it was a different story in North Shropshire where Whixall Marina is. The force of the wind knocked over a post which had a life ring attached. Our life ring was floating in the marina still attached by it's cord to the boat. The front cratch cover had blown open and the one zip was undone, some of  the elastic fasteners holding the cover shut must be in the water too, luckily we'd bought some spares in Nantwich Chandlery. We also lost a fender hanging from the must be floating somewhere? Luckily we didn't loose the chimney hat and our satellite dish was safely inside the boat.

One of the boaters' here while we were away said the boats were rocking and rolling on the pontoons and they expected some broken ropes it was so bad. I hope it didn't keep them awake.

As we left Newport today it was sleeting and it was certainly a very wet trip back. We arrived at Whixall in a hail storm! Ben was keen to get inside out of the cold , wet weather.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Trip To Newport

Last night we made an unexpected drive to Newport as we had a phone call to say Clare wasn't well. It turned out to be a severe migraine which was treated with a little pink pill only available from the hospital as it's given under supervision. By the time we got to Newport she was home  dozing in her bed.

Today we're looking after Poppy the puppy who came for a walk with Ben. Eric had  Poppy and I had Ben and they met nose to nose three times  ....ok but the fourth time  we had grrr from grumpy Ben. When we got back they were both filthy,  luckily Poppy fits in the sink! Ben had a wash and towel dry. Clare was fast asleep until about two o'clock so her head feels a bit better.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

A Walk On The Dry Side

Today we actually had a dry morning so I got Eric to drop  me off  near Grindley Brook and arranged to meet him in Tesco's car park in Whitchurch. I was surprised to see a boat going down the locks although there was a man pointing the brickwork above the waterline from a work boat in  one of the locks, he must have moved for them to get through.

It was nice to have a change of scenery and chat to a few boaters' getting water at the water points. Still plenty of mud not that Ben cared, he always goes straight through it. We crossed the lift bridge and walked up the Whitchurch Arm into town. There's a new information sign showing the old route of the  canal the other side of the brook, which has been built on and the variety of wild life in this green space. There are plans to continue the canal a little further towards town and includes some moorings, but when it'll happen I really don't know.

We walked through the park into town we didn't have to walk up the hill, and met Eric as planned. The end came off Ben's extending lead so I had to tie it onto his collar so we popped in the Pet Shop to get a new Flexi lead, he'd had the last one years so I can't complain about that. The lady in the shop was lovely giving Ben a treat too. Leaving Ben in the car we did our shopping before heading back to Whixall.

While I put the shopping away Eric cleaned the chimney. We knew it needed doing as when you opened the stove door some of  the smoke came out rather than go up the chimney. We let the fire go out overnight  putting some of that stuff on (Hotspot Flue Free Cleaner) which dries up the soot making it easier to clean.  So one messy job done, and we don't have to worry about carbon monoxide poisonong, although we do have a CO alarm to warn us if there is a problem.

It's raining again now but it was nice to be out and about when it wasn't raining.

Monday, February 03, 2014

A Walk In Ellesmere

Snowdrops in the wood at  Ellesmere
Ben and I have been walking in the mud since we came back as well some circular route using the canal towpath and the lanes around Whixall. We spotted a rare breeds farm selling free range eggs at ten for a pound so  I took a bag with me the next time we were out walking and bought some.
Today we had a walk in Ellesmere where we found a load of snowdrops in the wood, no comparison to those at Llantisilio Church's a photo from last year when we walked up from Llangollen to see them.
Snowdrops everywhere

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Happy Birthday Clare

On Friday we made our way back to Whixall, the weather was very wet and there was plenty of water on the roads. We were diverted because of a road closure too. Along the lanes to Whixall we had the usual big puddles sometimes meeting in the middle to make a flood but not too deep to get through. Back on the boat it was time to warm it up a bit, we left an electric radiator on low so the about was about 10 degrees C but it was soon up to 20 degrees C once the fire was lit and the central heating put on.
Today we woke up to sunshine with a bitterly cold wind so the thermals were needed for the dog walk this morning. Plenty of mud down the Prees branch but it didn't start to rain until we got back. A quick walk over to the Marina office to pay for some  coal,  logs and electricity cards before lunch. A lazy afternoon is planned Wales v Italy is on the television this afternoon.

It's our daughter Clare's birthday today, she no longer needs the sticks after a back operation but she still can't ride her's in bits at the moment anyway.