Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In Newport Again

Happy Birthday Lisa
The journey down on Monday  seemed slower than usual but we got there in the end. We picked up a birthday cake for Lisa on the way down as she was going to be at Clare's with her daughter Gwenllian. I bought the ingredients for spaghetti bolonaise for tea was us all, knowing it's good not to have to cook when you get in from's Gwen's favourite too. 

Ben ran away grumbling from puppy Poppy when they met this time, If she managed to escape she made her way upstairs where Ben was with me keeping away from her.He just doesn't appreciate being jumped on. Ben doesn't do play with other dogs. He's certainly grown since he was a puppy.

Ben at a pup

Poppy the puppy

Tuesday started with a dog walk in Tredegar Park before leaving Ben home alone for a few hours while we took my dad out to lunch before we went clothes shopping with him. So far the neighbours haven't complained that Ben howled!  Dad's now got some clothes that fit him better, whether he'll wear them is another matter but at least he's got a new outfit for Clare and Ben's wedding althought no date is set yet.

Tuesday teatime we spent with Lisa and Gwen of course Ben the dog came too....he had Gwen playing ball with him.  My Dad was quite happy to go home rather than have tea with Lisa, as he didn't want to miss his favourite TV programmes.  After tea we visited Eric'sister Paula before going to Clare's house. Back at Clare's the two dogs were a little better managing to stay in the same room with each other without Poppy barking. Poppy was on the sofa while Ben was on the floor by me.

On Wednesday it was dentist time and I'm pleased to say my treatment is finished until my next checkup. Drinking was fun until my mouth came back to life. A drive to Abercarn followed to see our daughter Sally and new grandaughter Scarlett who is growing fast, she's put on two pounds since she was born three weeks ago. Eric enjoyed a cuddle and she was soon fast asleep on him.

Tomorrow we're going back home, it's been a busy few days.


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