Friday, January 03, 2014

Glad To Be Afloat

What a week weatherwise, most of our dog  walks have been in the  mud and  we have had only two walks without rain.  Yesterday we did the Colemere circuit in sunshine and it wasn't cold either but Eric and I met loads of other dog walkers with the same idea. Loads of welly wearing children enjoying a walk too, probably glad to get out after days of rain.

Last night here at Whixall the weather was horrendous with high winds and  very heavy rain hammering on the boat but we were afloat so didn't have the worry of floods. The pontoons here are floating anyway so raised water levels are not a problem. We have had to negotiate a flooded section of road when we went shopping in Ellesmere but large puddles which nearly meet in the middle and muddy lanes are the norm here, hence the 4x4. This morning's walk down the Prees Branch Nature Reserve with Ben the dog involved climbing over a fallen tree, while Ben just went underneath.Once again is was the usual muddy walk but at  least it stayed dry.

In Newport last night there was a severe weather warning for the area where my daughter Lisa lives with grandaughter Gwenllian so they put what they could upstairs and went up to stay with sister Clare who lives on top of Barrack Hill, as they started to evacuate the Crindau area. Clare's fiancee Ben has a workshop in that area so he went down to move stuff to a high level  just in case, but luckily it stayed dry.This morning Lisa found out she escaped the flooding, so we've got our fingers crossed her house or Ben and Clare's work place is not flooded in the 8.30 pm high tide or tomorrows morning tide as the severe weather warning is still in place.

Looking at the news tonight.....I'm glad to be afloat!

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