Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back To The Doctor Again

Eric's been full of cold and now it's turned into a chesty cough so we're back at the doctor's today to get him checked out. As our doctor has a walk in surgery system it's much easier to see a doctor in Newport so that's where we are today. 

Ben didn't whinge in the back of the car as we travelled down yesterday which made a pleasant change. Although he's not a happy dog at Clare's house when Poppy the puppy came home, so he's in the lounge  with a baby gate separating them.

Today as Eric set off for the doctor's in the car, I set off on foot to walk the dog down to my Dad's house. It took me an hour and a quarter to get there so Ben's had a nap when we got there. Eric picked me up later as he wanted to keep his germs to himself.....he has another chest infection.  We had fish and shared a bag of chips for lunch then Eric took Ben back to Clare's house while I had a haircut in Newport.

Going home in the morning, thanks to Clare and Ben for letting us stay. Ben the dog will be pleased to get away from Poppy the puppy!

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