Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Back In Wales By Car

On Sunday we drove down to Newport once again, it's doctor's, dentist and visiting family time again. The roads going south were quiet and the road signs warned of floods which were no longer on the roads. The fields were often flooded though near rivers after all the heavy rain.

In Newport the River Usk  flooded Shaftesbury Park and some businesses near the river but Lisa's house was not affected which was great news. Watching the news some devastating damage had been done along the coast of Wales. The gondolier on Newport's Transporter Bridge over the Usk was very close to the river, but not damaged by the combination of flood water and high tides.

Our prescriptions weren't ready for us at the doctor's as the order forms hadn't arrived by post although posted on Thursday but hopefully we'll be able to get them sorted tomorrow. You can't order them by phone only by post or in person.

We've been catching up with family with a visit to my dad and then my daughter Lisa and grandaughter Gwen as well getting as a haircut in Newport.  She was feeling tired after her first day back in school and was ready for bed by seven o'clock. We also collected our post which Eric's sister Paula kindly keeps for us, not that we get much nowadays. The boat insurance is due so that letter waiting for us.

Later today we'll hopefully get the prescriptions sorted and then visit daughter Sally and new grandaughter Scarlet now about a fortnight old. Ben the dog will have to stay at Clare's for an hour after he's had a long walk. Poppy the puppy goes to work with Ben and Clare so it'll be OK to leave him in the house. Ben the dog is not sure about the pup so we're still keeping them apart, he'll sniff  her but then turn away..... he doesn't want to be jumped on at seven he's a grumpy old man.

Well I really must try and get some sleep it's two o'clock in the morning and I'm having trouble hence this blog. Every one else in the house is fast asleep, there's no howling wind or rain lashing on the windows but I struggle to get to sleep most night's, even when I'm in my own bed. Goodnight all.

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