Thursday, January 09, 2014

Back In Our Floaty Home

On Wednesday it was time for my dental appointment for a crown preparation and she also did a temporary repair on a broken filling until she can fix it next appointment. After that we headed back to Whixall Marina, our floaty boaty home. We stopped at Tesco's for sandwiches and drinks although my mouth was numb for quite a while.

The journey back was tedious with lots of lorries,  slow traffic and of course tractors. Ben the dog had eaten his food as we travelled along. He's had a funny few days being particularly whingey and not letting me out of his sight, but he's fine now he's home. Clare's neighbour told us the day we popped up to see our new grandaughter Scarlett he howled for an hour!  He's never done that before.

Back on the boat it was time to warm it up, the diesel heating fired up on my second attempt and the coal fire was soon lit. As the immersion heater is on the calorifier under the bed, we turned it on to get some hot water and warm the bed. Then it was time to cook some tea after the gas was turned back on, we always turn if off if we're away for a few days. Ben the dog settled himself on the settee and went to sleep,  and a quiet night followed.

Today  we went for the usual muddy walk before leaving Ben on the boat while we did some food shopping. We listened out of sight for a little while but no howls. We went to Whitchurch along the country lanes with flooded sections giving the wheels a wash!  So the fridge is full and we're ready for the weather with plenty of coal and logs to keep us warm. The marina provides us with a useful padlocked storage container as we have a residential mooring so we only have the bags  we're using on the deck of the boat.

So it's all quiet here at Whixall, the stars can be seen tonight and I can see Jupiter from the sidehatch....identified by Google Sky Map. Goodnight!

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