Monday, January 13, 2014

A Visit To Llangollen By Car

On Saturday we decided to make the best of a dry day and go to Ellesmere to do the dog walking  and then go to Ellesmere to visit Liz on NB Henry on the Llangollen Winter Moorings.I love a trip to Llangollen by boat or car as I love the scenery with all the hills.  We were lucky to find her at home as she'd been out for hours walking Connie from Poacher's Pocket, Chirk to Llangollen. Connie let Ben the dog on her boat and he behaved himself!  We had a coffee and a good catch up chat and decided to go out for Sunday lunch at Poacher's Pocket next Sunday. Liz tried to book a table but they don't allow you to book in advance,  you just have to wait for a table if there isn't one free. Hopefully we won't have a long wait. Llangollen was very busy in town and along the towpath there were loads of walkers and dogs......Connie and Ben were grumbling as they passed NB Henry.

We woke on Sunday morning to find a thin layer of ice on parts of the marina and very frosty pontoons. Luckily the pontoons had been gritted the night before so not as slippery as they could have been. I took Ben for a walk and in places the Prees Branch was also iced over, but by the time we got back from our walk the ice on the marina was gone....good news indeed. The longer we are ice free the better as the water pipes will probably freeze if it gets too cold. I still remember carrying water containers when we got stuck in Ellesmere a few years ago.

Today we made a quick trip to Ellesmere to get some shopping after Ben and I had a walk in the mud down the Prees Branch. We didn't take Ben but brought him back a little tray of Caesar as a treat.....hopefully he didn't howl while we were away.

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