Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting Ready For Christmas

Oscar getting comfy on Eric's lap

We've spent a few days in Newport  and are on our way back to Whixall tomorrow. Thanks to Clare and Ben for letting us stay yet again. My new crown is fitted so definately no toffees for me. Eric has recovered from his chest infection and feeling so much better. Ben and I have had some walks in familiar haunts with me getting muddy boots, although Ben managed to stay pretty clean.

It's been a sad week too as Paula's little dog Oscar never recovered from his eye operation and is now in doggy heaven where he can howl as much as he likes. The vet said he was a very vocal dog and joined in with the barking dogs with his howling! 

The Christmas meats are bought for our Christmas dinner at Clare's and stored in the freezer as are the Aunty Bessie's roasties and parsnips. The pudding's bought too! I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner and we'll be back in Newport on the 21st of December. Then it's time to get the sprouts, carrots, stuffing balls and pigs in blankets.

Clares bought a real tree this year and I love the smell of pine needles. It's decorated  with silver coloured baubles and white lights ready for the Christmas presents to be put underneath on Christmas Eve. Ben the dog's got presents too. 

Lisa's home has a tree too and Gwen is looking forward to Christmas. In school she was an 
angel but I didn't get to see her performance as the school restricted the tickets per child and Lisa didn't know whether we would be in Newport. 

So the presents are bought and wrapped ready to bring to Newport, we're all ready for Christmas.

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