Thursday, December 05, 2013

Another Week's Been And Gone

I can't believe another week has been and gone. Nothing unusual  has happened all week, it's been the usual run of dog walking  ending in muddy dog and muddy boots. We've also been shopping, made some nice meals including my favourite paella with lovely king prawns- on offer in Tesco's! 
The boat has been toastie warm as the diesel heating now works and we have the coal fire as well. We also have an electric heater for the times when the Mikuni refuses to fire up. That's the answer to the usual question of 'Are you warm enough on the boat?' 
But Eric has been feeling off colour this week and  a head cold finally ended up leaving him with a very chesty cough which was getting worse not better. So a trip to Newport to see our doctor was on the cards. We went on Wednesday and stayed overnight at Clare's house before returning to the boat lunch time today. As I've said before, our doctor operates a walk in surgery in the mornings which means it's easy to see him, or one of his partners, rather than make an appointment at a doctor In Wem.
So I am keeping him warm and toastie ....the doctor did ask him if he was warm at home! He'll soon be feeling better with the antibiotics prescribed. I hope I don't get it! It's a pity the flu job doesn't stop you getting colds.

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