Monday, December 23, 2013

A New Arrival.......Grandaughter Number 2

We arrived at Clare's house on Sunday afternoon, definitely a bit of a shock for Ben to see the new pup there. He wasn't interested but a he's so big and she's so little a baby gate separated them until she grows a bit.Although she's called Poppy we nicknamed her poopy as she manages to get herself in quite a mess in the mornings. She sleeps in a large pen so at least the poop stays in the pen.

Today Ben is a bit happier although Poppy managed to escape into Ben's side of the baby gate and launched herself at Ben. He didn't react, just stood still until Ben ( the fiancee) took her away. We left Ben dog sitting and he told us they had been asleep on the settee with on dog either side of perhaps they'll be alright after all.

Our day started with a text at seven am to tell us our new grandaughter Scarlett had arrived, three weeks before her due the waiting is over. Mum Sally and Dad Dave are flighted with their new baby girl who looks the spit of her mother when she was a baby, alhough Sally was ginger and Scarlett is dark haired.

new-born Scarlett

We braved the shopping madness at Tesco to stock up with the Christmas food. The madness on the roads was unbelievable people in such a rush, taking unnecessary risks right before our eyes.

In the afternoon I went with my daughter Clare to see her wedding dress and then we went to see the new arrival Scarlett with her mum and dad. I did have a cuddle, she's so small at six pounds but Sally was a five pound baby so was even smaller. My youngest daughter Lisa was also at the hospital with grandaughter number 1 Gwenllian, who said 'I am not the baby any more!' 

Two more sleeps now until Christmas Day and Gwenllian is so excited. Scarlett won't know it's her first Christmas but her arrival helps make it a special Christmas.


Yvonne said...

Congratulations, what a wonderful Christmas present.
best wishes to you both
Yvonne & Roger

Nick said...

Great news, what a lovely surprise for you all!
Love, Nb Henrys