Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Hectic Christmas- Puppy, Baby And Dangling Dog

Well Christmas is over for another year, two days of madness and it's back to normality although we're still finishing off the Christmas food. Our Christmas started a bit differently this year as we were invited to a Christmas Eve meal at Ben's (our son in law to be)  mother's house to meet some of their family.  We had a pleasant evening, we haven't been out on Christmas Eve for years. Poppy the pup came with us and Ben the dog stayed at Clare's house.

At the moment the dog's are separate in the house with the pup having the run of the kitchen, sleeping in an open topped pen at night. She soon learnt to escape, so a blanket is pegged on to keep her in during the night. Last night she got out again so the new addition to her pen is a lid to definitely keep her in. When she got out in the day she launched herself on Ben the dog but all he did was warm her with a growl and she ran away back down the stairs. He's been quite patient the other times she's jumped on him but we decided to take things slowly as she's still very small compared to Ben the dog.

Christmas Day started with some lovely presents before I did the dog walking while the turkey cooked in the oven. We tried pheasant and duck as well and teased my dad that the turkey had shrunk in the oven but the joke was lost on him he thought the pheasant was a chicken! I cooked the Christmas dinner this year, I hope its somebody else's job next year. Sally ended up having a NHS Christmas Dinner while she waited for somebody to remove the cannula in the baby's hand so they could leave the hospital and go home. Gwen had a great time with a pile of presents to open and her mum Lisa helped with the mountain of dishes.

Gwenllian with her great granddad
We had tea at Eric's sister Paula's house although nobody was particularly hungry after Christmas dinner, we just had to have a little bit of the lovely buffet. Just  a family get together  and by nine o'clock we were back at Clare's feeling rather shattered.

Boxing Day started with dog walking, which very nearly turned into a nightmare. I stopped and waited by a low walled bridge over a derelict lock and Ben decided to launch himself thinking it was just a field wall.... without looking! He ended up dangling by his neck above the water in the lock. Luckily I was able to pull him up none the worse for his experience, because his collar stayed on and the long lead took his weight. I grazed my knuckles and felt a bit shaky but thank goodness he was on a lead as there wasn't much water in the derelict lock to break his fall. As the lock was derelict there wasn't a gate at the bridge end so he could have got out if I lowered him down, but at the time my instant reaction was to just pull him up.

In the afternoon we went to see our new grandaughter Scarlett and her new parent's who now know how shattered you feel with a new baby. My dad, her great grandad came too, and we had a photo of the oldest and youngest members of the family. Later we had a lovely buffet tea at Clare's house. Gwen had a great time with more presents to open and she was delighted to  help Scarlett open her presents as she is too little. She's also delighted with her little cousin as she's not the baby anymore.

Scarlett a new great granddaughter for my dad

So now we're back on our boaty home again, in Whixall's all quiet again after a busy few days.

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