Friday, November 01, 2013

Visitors Onboard

Our daughter Lisa brought her daughter Gwen to visit us by train. We met them at the station in Shrewsbury, not the nearest station to Whixall but it meant she didn't have to change trains. We had a wander round the town, got some food and then made our way back to the Whixall Marina.

Feeding the ducks at the Mere (added on my laptop)

Today we went to Ellesmere in the rain armed with some  food pellets to feed the ducks and geese on the lake.I did take the photo but I can't get it to upload from my tablet or Picasso web albums so I give up! Lots of puddles on the path, Ben was filthy but a paddle in the Mere soon sorted that out. We then had a trip to Sainsburys on the hunt for a dress for Gwen as we couldn't find anything she liked in her size in Shrewsbury town centre.....most of the big shops are outside the town. 

This afternoon we've been cake making, cutting and sticking and playing games on my tablet, but now peace reigns.....Gwen's asleep and so is Ben the dog.

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