Monday, November 25, 2013

Three Hours To Newport

This morning we set off in the car for a few days in Newport. First of all I had to walk the dog so we went down the Prees Branch as far as we could go. It does continue a little further but the  overgrown hawthorn hedges were cut and the cuttings left so it's a no go area for dog's......he get the thorns in his pads.

Looking online I found an old map showing the route of the Prees Branch which terminated at Quina Brooke where there were lime kilns, obviously now in a derelict state. As usual I'm having trouble with picture uploading on my tablet so I'll try again when I get back to the boat and use my laptop.Even then I have to go the Picasa web albums route. One day blogger will work!!!

The old map from Wilkipedia

The journey down  was fine, we stopped at Craven Arms for lunch and then continued on our way with me as the driver for an hour.Hereford was jam packed with traffic as usual, it doesn't seem to matter what time we go through it's busy. We had another stop later for Ben to water the grass and then Eric drove the rest of the way. The sun was getting lower so I was glad to let him drive.

We took advantage of Clare's electric being close to the car with our extension lead so  Eric could  give it a vacuum inside, the boot was very hairy after Ben the dog. 

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