Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Dentist And The Doctor In Newport

Gwen on one of our muddy walks

We had a busy few days keeping our daughter and grandaughter entertained and then after lunch on Sunday we brougt them back to Newport in the car. Quite a pleasant journey with Gwen having a nap on the way, a few comfort stops for us and  Ben the dog. We arrived in Newport to find a casserole bubbling in the oven at Clare and Ben's house, which was a very good smell! 

But....peace was shattered literally by a big bang, we looked at each other...what was that? In the kitchen shattered glass fragmemts everywhere as the outer oven door had shattered into tiny pieces. Luckily no one was in the kitchen so it was only the glass to clear up. Don't know why it shattered. The casserole was fine once Ben managed to open the inner oven door, as it now had no handle. Ben the dog hid under the coffee table!

On Monday Eric needed the see the doctor, nothing urgent just an ongoing skin condition but we fine it easier to stay with our Newport doctor as he has a walk in surgery in the mornings.That done we visited my dad and walked the dog in a very wet park. We had a very good excuse for a Chinese take away as we really didn't have a working oven, but who needs an excuse anyway.

On Tuesday Eric and I had dental checkups, so I was up and out walking the dog before we went at ten in the morning. I need a cap on one of my teeth so we arranged to come back for the necessary two consecutive visits. We then took my dad out to lunch but the meal wasn't good ......not hot tough chewy steak, undercooked frozen chips, and a grilled tomato that must have been only shown the grill on a cold plate. The place....The Three Blackbirds in Llantarnum who won't get my custom again.

The rest of Tuesday was spent having a lazy afternoon, and I spent the evening with Ben the dog (he was hiding under the coffee table) as it was Bonfire Night and he hates the noise of fireworks.....too many bangs. Eric went to visit his sister Paula and collect our mail.

Today, Wednesday we are going back home to our boaty home in Whixall, a three hour drive to Shropshire. It's nice visiting but we do like being back home on the boat, it's so quiet and peaceful in Whixall Marina.


Nb Duxllandyn said...

Hello again Elsie and Eric
You sound to have had a busy few days which is probably why we missed you.
We have moored OK along the pontoon and just got settled before the big blow on Saturday. It was straight into clear up / clean up routine which we finished around midday on Sunday. We're now back home trying hard to get back to our 'other life' routine.
We've pretty much winterised the boat and don't realistically expect to be back before the New Year . However we may do a fleeting visit if the weather turns - just to check all's well.
Hope we will be able to catch up again sometime.
Thanks again for your help - you're right Whixall is a quiet and pleasant spot.
Happy boating ;-)
Marian & Mike

Elsie said...

Hi Marian & Mike,
Sorry to have missed you, I'm sure we'll catch up soon. Enjoy your time on land....we're always glad to get back to the boat. Take care, Elsie & Eric