Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sun, Rain, Hail Stones And A Little Snow!

Since my last blog we've been busy doing some Christmas shopping in Shrewsbury and Wrexham.  I needed to get organised before we head for Wales for a Christmas visit. We've a couple of dental appointments before then, the first of which is next Wednesday so we'll be down to Newport on Monday.

The weather has been cold, some mornings colder than others with 1 degree C one morning with a hail storm and  a snow shower which luckily didn't settle. We've been warm on the boat keeping the coal fire going day and night. This morning Ben and I had a lovely walk down the Prees Branch then back on a circular route via the lanes, one of which was flooded  where the road dipped so we picked our way along the grass verges. It was an hour and a half of sunshine although the wind was cold.


Eric took the photos of our boat moored at Whixall Marina

Back on the boat it poured with rain and we had more hail stones.  While I was walking Ben Eric washed the looked like we'd been off roading with mud all up the sides. The lanes round Whixall have lots of mud near the farms so the car won't stay clean. If we get rain we often get flooded sections of the lanes but that's one of the reasons we bought the Freelander. The other reason .....plenty of room for Ben in the boot! 

So we're warm and cosy, having a lazy evening after a paella for tea. Retirement's got it's good points!

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