Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Wet Wet Wet!

Since we came back to Whixall we've been out and about trying to dodge the heavy showers of rain. Ben doesn't care what it's doing outside but he's not that keen on walking in woods when it's wet....lots of big drips. We've walked the usual walks around the Mere at Colemere, alongside the Mere at Ellesmere and down the Prees Branch. We had a long walk on the Mosses one dry morning, can't remember which day that was! That's the trouble with retirement ......you don't really need to know what day it is.

Yesterday Eric dropped me canalside and took the car into Ellesmere while Ben and I walked along the canal in the rain arriving at the car rather wet outside but  dry underneath. Ben had a good  rub down with a towel, he's not into coats as that would end up in the canal with him when he decides to paddle in the shallows. We did a Tesco shop before returning to Whixall. Of course it stayed dry for the afternoon while we were onboard. 

Today it's pouring again, Ben and had an early morning wander near the marina letting  ourselves out of locked gates. I'll delay his longer walk for a bit ......maybe  it'll stop raining for an hour or two. Ben is comfy now on the settee.

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