Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Sunny In Whixall

A view from the side's sunny in Whixall!

Well It's the day after tit was muddy in placese storm, it seems we totally missed the hurricane winds in fact the flag at Whixall Marina was hanging limp last night. We had some very heavy rain but not enough to keep us awake. Eric took the satellite dish off the pole and bungied down the boat plank and poles on the roof just in case. We certainly don't miss the overhanging trees which we had at our winter mooring in Llangollen and we'll be able to visit our friends who moor up there each winter.

This morning Ben and I went for a walk down the Prees Branch in sunshine, underfoot it was muddy in places but always a pleasant walk as it's rare to meet anyone and Ben enjoys being off his lead. Eric was busy cleaning the shower pump filter....a yucky job! Then he topped up the batteries now his arm is so much better he could get in the engine hole.

This afternoon we're being very lazy after I vacuumed the boat to get rid off the dog hair!

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