Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Busy Going Nowhere Afloat

Since we came back to our boaty home on Thursday we haven't being able to go out boating due to Eric's arm still being very sore and boating involves pushing and pulling which he can't do at the moment.

But we haven't been bored as we've been exploring the area by car  with the help of Google Navigation although sometimes she tells you to take a right or left turn when it's just a bend in the road. We end up following little lanes to see where we end up. On the way from Colemere to Ellesmere we passed a possible walking the dog place but it was a Nature Reserve with a no dogs sign.So we had to go back along the lane to have a walk in the woods around Colemere, although Ben didn't mind as he enjoys that walk with lots of places to sniff, smell and of course water! 

Yesterday I did the purple trail on the Mosses near Prees Junction which meant Ben and I were out walking for about two hours. We only met one lady walking and didn't meet any dogs at all. It was considerably wetter underfoot than  last time with sections of the trail where you sunk a little in the boggy path, so it was a case of picking your way along the edge. I was tired after that and Ben had a nap too.

Today we had a shorter walk down the unavigable section of the Prees Branch, also managed by the Wildlife Trust but dogs are not banned.The swans which nest there have moved on so Ben and I can walk as far as it goes. Again we didn't see anyone so a lovely quiet walk.

This afternoon Eric and I are off to Ellesmere to get some haicuts. I have an appointment at Ceri's the hairdresser I visit when we're near Ellesmere, which means she can be my regular hairdresser when we're in the marina.

Next week we're off to Newport again for another appointment  with the elbow consultant, hopefully that will his last hospital appointment for a while.

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