Thursday, October 03, 2013

Back On NB Bendigedig

Clare and Ben 'Forties Style'

Today we left Newport behind as Clare is able to cope without us with Ben her fiancee there to look after her. The doctor says she has to continue with painkillers as it's far too soon to reduce them, and was pleased she was up and about. Next week she starts physiotherapy.

We started on our journey after Ben the dog had  a walk. He's an excellent traveller most of the time, occasionally he's travel sick! Today he was fine. We usually break the journey  by having a few stops, our first stop was at a roadside truck stop just after Hereford on the A49, where we had a great cheeseburger each and Ben had a sausage.  Our second stop was at Shrewsbury Services where we had a Costa coffee.....Ben had a  drink of water!

We were lucky as we didn't gave the heavy rain until the last half hour of our three hour journey, and by then we  were driving on country lanes and travelling much slower anyway. 

Back on the boat with the car unloaded, Eric lit the fire to warm it up a bit as we'd been away for twelve days. It was nice to get back to our boaty home although Clare was glad to have us there to help after her back surgery.I'm sure Ben her fiancee will make sure she's OK. Anyway we're not that far away and will be back in another twelve days as Eric has another hospital  appointment to check his arm. On his last appointment they took off the arm brace and told him to use his arm but not to push and pull as the fractures are healing up nicely and they want him to use his elbow as much as possible......but it's still very sore!

The photo was taken at a 'Forties Style' open  day  to promote Ben's  firm which make replica army vehicles.

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