Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back In Whixalll Marina

We had a few days in Wales as Eric had a hospital appointment and he doesn't have to go again ......his arm is fine. Eric can now drive so we shared the three hour drive back from Newport which was good for me. Back to the peace and quiet of the marina. There are loads of empty berths here  but I suppose it's a bit too out in the wilds for some people. It's fine if you've got a car to get about especially in the winter. In the summer you'd be out on the boat anyway so shopping at the store nearest the canal is the norm.

We've no real plans at the moment, although we may go out for a cruise....  if it manages to stop raining for a few days. We're quiet happy here at Whixall so it doesn't really matter if we don't take the boat out. Plenty of time to think about next year's cruising when hopefully the weather will be drier!

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