Monday, October 14, 2013

Back In Wales

On Sunday we had a change of plan and decided to go to Newport after lunch instead of going on Monday. Soon the car was packed with a couple of bags as we were only staying a few nights. The weather wasn't good with heavy rain so it was wipers on and dipped headlights so I could see and be seen.It took about three hours before we were pulling up outside Clare's house. Ben the dog knew where he was and was keen to get out and give Clare a big lick!

Today Eric had a visit to our doctor's to see the nurse for a flu jab , while I walked the dog in the drizzly rain.Then we did a little Ikea shopping followed by lunch while Ben the dog stayed at Clare' s house. We were out for several hours but he was a very good boy.......we got an enthusiastic greeting when we got back.Clare's Ben made us all curry for tea.,,., very nice too.

Tomorrow it's Eric's hospital appointment, while Ben and I go to the park. After that we're visiting my dad followed by a visit to the chemist to pick up our filled prescriptions to keep us going for another three months. We're going to visit our grandaughter Gwen and her mum Lisa in the afternoon. Gwen's  had another baby tooth fall out so the tooth fairy's been to their house again.

Gwen's  toothy smile!

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