Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Sunny In Whixall

A view from the side's sunny in Whixall!

Well It's the day after tit was muddy in placese storm, it seems we totally missed the hurricane winds in fact the flag at Whixall Marina was hanging limp last night. We had some very heavy rain but not enough to keep us awake. Eric took the satellite dish off the pole and bungied down the boat plank and poles on the roof just in case. We certainly don't miss the overhanging trees which we had at our winter mooring in Llangollen and we'll be able to visit our friends who moor up there each winter.

This morning Ben and I went for a walk down the Prees Branch in sunshine, underfoot it was muddy in places but always a pleasant walk as it's rare to meet anyone and Ben enjoys being off his lead. Eric was busy cleaning the shower pump filter....a yucky job! Then he topped up the batteries now his arm is so much better he could get in the engine hole.

This afternoon we're being very lazy after I vacuumed the boat to get rid off the dog hair!

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Visit To Audlem, Cheshire

Audlem Mill....worth a visit

Today we decided to go to Audlem as I wanted to get some Christmas cards and an IWA calendar which I knew they sold at Audlem Mill. So it was a quick trip from Shropshire into Cheshire, just half an hour by car. Ben came too and after our purchases we walked up the locks to take Ben for a walk. We had a chat to the crew of NB Aquahobo  and made a fuss of their dog. It's an old picture of our boat above Audlem, we'll be back cruising after the winter but for now we're exploring by car. It's surprising how many places are under an hours drive from Whixall Marina.
NB Bendigedig above Audlem

The Shroppie Fly...currently surrounded by fences as it's being revamped.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Wet Wet Wet!

Since we came back to Whixall we've been out and about trying to dodge the heavy showers of rain. Ben doesn't care what it's doing outside but he's not that keen on walking in woods when it's wet....lots of big drips. We've walked the usual walks around the Mere at Colemere, alongside the Mere at Ellesmere and down the Prees Branch. We had a long walk on the Mosses one dry morning, can't remember which day that was! That's the trouble with retirement don't really need to know what day it is.

Yesterday Eric dropped me canalside and took the car into Ellesmere while Ben and I walked along the canal in the rain arriving at the car rather wet outside but  dry underneath. Ben had a good  rub down with a towel, he's not into coats as that would end up in the canal with him when he decides to paddle in the shallows. We did a Tesco shop before returning to Whixall. Of course it stayed dry for the afternoon while we were onboard. 

Today it's pouring again, Ben and had an early morning wander near the marina letting  ourselves out of locked gates. I'll delay his longer walk for a bit ......maybe  it'll stop raining for an hour or two. Ben is comfy now on the settee.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back In Whixalll Marina

We had a few days in Wales as Eric had a hospital appointment and he doesn't have to go again ......his arm is fine. Eric can now drive so we shared the three hour drive back from Newport which was good for me. Back to the peace and quiet of the marina. There are loads of empty berths here  but I suppose it's a bit too out in the wilds for some people. It's fine if you've got a car to get about especially in the winter. In the summer you'd be out on the boat anyway so shopping at the store nearest the canal is the norm.

We've no real plans at the moment, although we may go out for a cruise....  if it manages to stop raining for a few days. We're quiet happy here at Whixall so it doesn't really matter if we don't take the boat out. Plenty of time to think about next year's cruising when hopefully the weather will be drier!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Back In Wales

On Sunday we had a change of plan and decided to go to Newport after lunch instead of going on Monday. Soon the car was packed with a couple of bags as we were only staying a few nights. The weather wasn't good with heavy rain so it was wipers on and dipped headlights so I could see and be seen.It took about three hours before we were pulling up outside Clare's house. Ben the dog knew where he was and was keen to get out and give Clare a big lick!

Today Eric had a visit to our doctor's to see the nurse for a flu jab , while I walked the dog in the drizzly rain.Then we did a little Ikea shopping followed by lunch while Ben the dog stayed at Clare' s house. We were out for several hours but he was a very good boy.......we got an enthusiastic greeting when we got back.Clare's Ben made us all curry for tea.,,., very nice too.

Tomorrow it's Eric's hospital appointment, while Ben and I go to the park. After that we're visiting my dad followed by a visit to the chemist to pick up our filled prescriptions to keep us going for another three months. We're going to visit our grandaughter Gwen and her mum Lisa in the afternoon. Gwen's  had another baby tooth fall out so the tooth fairy's been to their house again.

Gwen's  toothy smile!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Busy Going Nowhere Afloat

Since we came back to our boaty home on Thursday we haven't being able to go out boating due to Eric's arm still being very sore and boating involves pushing and pulling which he can't do at the moment.

But we haven't been bored as we've been exploring the area by car  with the help of Google Navigation although sometimes she tells you to take a right or left turn when it's just a bend in the road. We end up following little lanes to see where we end up. On the way from Colemere to Ellesmere we passed a possible walking the dog place but it was a Nature Reserve with a no dogs sign.So we had to go back along the lane to have a walk in the woods around Colemere, although Ben didn't mind as he enjoys that walk with lots of places to sniff, smell and of course water! 

Yesterday I did the purple trail on the Mosses near Prees Junction which meant Ben and I were out walking for about two hours. We only met one lady walking and didn't meet any dogs at all. It was considerably wetter underfoot than  last time with sections of the trail where you sunk a little in the boggy path, so it was a case of picking your way along the edge. I was tired after that and Ben had a nap too.

Today we had a shorter walk down the unavigable section of the Prees Branch, also managed by the Wildlife Trust but dogs are not banned.The swans which nest there have moved on so Ben and I can walk as far as it goes. Again we didn't see anyone so a lovely quiet walk.

This afternoon Eric and I are off to Ellesmere to get some haicuts. I have an appointment at Ceri's the hairdresser I visit when we're near Ellesmere, which means she can be my regular hairdresser when we're in the marina.

Next week we're off to Newport again for another appointment  with the elbow consultant, hopefully that will his last hospital appointment for a while.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Back On NB Bendigedig

Clare and Ben 'Forties Style'

Today we left Newport behind as Clare is able to cope without us with Ben her fiancee there to look after her. The doctor says she has to continue with painkillers as it's far too soon to reduce them, and was pleased she was up and about. Next week she starts physiotherapy.

We started on our journey after Ben the dog had  a walk. He's an excellent traveller most of the time, occasionally he's travel sick! Today he was fine. We usually break the journey  by having a few stops, our first stop was at a roadside truck stop just after Hereford on the A49, where we had a great cheeseburger each and Ben had a sausage.  Our second stop was at Shrewsbury Services where we had a Costa coffee.....Ben had a  drink of water!

We were lucky as we didn't gave the heavy rain until the last half hour of our three hour journey, and by then we  were driving on country lanes and travelling much slower anyway. 

Back on the boat with the car unloaded, Eric lit the fire to warm it up a bit as we'd been away for twelve days. It was nice to get back to our boaty home although Clare was glad to have us there to help after her back surgery.I'm sure Ben her fiancee will make sure she's OK. Anyway we're not that far away and will be back in another twelve days as Eric has another hospital  appointment to check his arm. On his last appointment they took off the arm brace and told him to use his arm but not to push and pull as the fractures are healing up nicely and they want him to use his elbow as much as possible......but it's still very sore!

The photo was taken at a 'Forties Style' open  day  to promote Ben's  firm which make replica army vehicles.