Sunday, September 08, 2013

Just Some Thoughts

Eric's coping fairly well with one arm in plaster, although showering has become a joint activity .........I haven't had to help him wash before. The only downside of his arm in plaster is that he can't drive and this means I have to do all the driving. It's strange for me as I haven't driven for over six years as when we hired cars the cost of extra insurance for another driver was extra expense.

In Newport there is a new one way system and some big roundabouts have been built in that time. I found these big roundabouts with traffic lights on most confusing but things can only get better. On Wednesday we're going back to Whixall, I usually drive part of the way but this time it's just me, so there'll be plenty of stops as it takes over two and half hours.

It's been great seeing family but I really do miss being in our own boaty home, with just ourselves to please. I'm counting down the'll soon be Wednesday.

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