Monday, September 23, 2013

An Update From Wales

We had a lovely few days back in our boaty home, with dog walking, some shopping and lots of lovely peace and quiet in Whixall Marina.. Only one DIY job  to do as the shower gave us just a trickle as the plastic tube inside the steel flexible tube gave up the ghost. A trip to the hardware shop in Ellesmere shop and  it was soon replaced by Eric.

We decided to travel down to Wales on Sunday as the traffic is usually better than on a weekday. We made good progress with a couple of stops for a sandwich and Ben to stretch his legs and water the layby grass of course. Ben watches out of the window as we travel when he could be fast asleep on his comfy bed,without a sound until we got to Clare's turn off and then we had grumbles as he was anxious to be out of the car.

Clare's house looked different as they'd been busy decorating before the delivery of a new corner unit which it very comfy too. They're other settee for very low and getting out of it wasn't easy when you're not so young. We settled down for a lazy evening although Ben the dog had other ideas, he wanted to play ball. Clare's fiancee Ben took him in the garden to play ball so he was happy!!

Clare rang the hospital this morning and there is a bed for her so her back operation is going ahead, so she's now feeling rather nervous. After three postponements already we wondered whether today would be just another one. It'll be good to get the operation done and she hopefully can get on with her life without all the painkillers. Her boss has given her four weeks off work to recover and then she's keen to be back doing her proper job as a motor cycle mechanic.

We're staying in Newport for a while, hopefully she'll have a quick recovery from her operation. Gwen is delighted nanny and grandad are here again. 

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