Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Visit To A & E In Newport

We had a lovely journey down to Newport on Sunday, loads of cars on the road but no real queues other than the slow crawl through Hereford. Eric and I shared the driving. Arriving in Newport Clare's new fiancee Ben made us a roast which went down well , even more so when I didn't have to cook it.

On Monday we had a lovely day involving dog walking, visiting my dad and children's playgrounds with our grandaughter Gwen. Unfortunately the day ended badly when Eric  twisted his ankle and ended up falling backwards and landing awkwardly on his left arm. He dislocated his elbow and fractured the radius at the elbow and wrist ends. So after four and a half hours in A & E  Eric was x-rayed then plastered  and  allowed to leave with a prescription for painkillers.Ben picked us up from the hospital and we found out that Asda had a late night opening pharmacy so we managed to get the painkillers. Last night there wasn't much room for me in bed with Eric and his plaster cast, but at least he had a good night's sleep.

Today we had Gwen for the day and we started off by taking Ben for a long walk. Gwen's a good walker. Clare had a day off so we went to town with Gwen, who ended up having some Disney Princess pink and glittery trainers......she loves shoes!

Eric had some peace and quiet until we came back from town.Later Lisa came in from work, Sally and Dave came down, so it was time for a get together and a  Chinese meal with our three daughters, their partners and our grandaughter Gwen. So now we are suitably full and having a quiet night in.

It looks like we are going nowhere until Eric has been to the fracture clinic on Wednesday. After that we'll probably go back to Whixall Marina, needless to say our planned trip out cruising is cancelled! Thanks to Clare and Ben for letting us stay a little longer than planned.

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