Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Medical Update

It's Wednesday and Clare is back home. She had her operation yesterday called a discectomy where they removed the bulging part of the disc and she has no stitches as glue was used. She's feeling a bit off after the anaesthetic but she can now feel her feet! It's all so quick nowadays, 24 hours after the operation they check if you can manage stairs and walk, and then your discharged. The route to her house was one without the sleeping policemen as she certainly didn't need any bumps!

Yesterday Eric had an appointment at the hospital and had loads if x rays to find out if his elbow was in the correct place. He has been told to use his arm gently with no pushing or pulling. The brace has gone and the fractures are healing nicely, it's  just needs time needed  to heal the damaged tendons. He has another appointment in three weeks so it looks like I am still the driver for a while.

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