Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Monday Again

The last days of September have gone quickly by and it's October tomorrow.Clare is doing well so we're going home on Thursday. Today Ben (the dog) and I went  walking in Tredegar Park with his ball thrower, so he had a good time and we managed to miss the rain. Later in the day I had a little retail therapy as I needed (wanted) some new underwear. It's useless going shopping in the Newport centre as all the big shops including M&S have relocated to Spytty Retail Park. I left Eric with Clare and Ben the he hates clothes shopping. Later I took Clare into town as she wanted to get her nails done, she had to have her other nails removed before her she must be feeling much better.

We've enjoying catching up with family, but I am looking forward to getting back to our boaty home. I expect Clare and her fiancee Ben will like having their house back......I wonder if they'll miss Ben the dog?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Medical Update

It's Wednesday and Clare is back home. She had her operation yesterday called a discectomy where they removed the bulging part of the disc and she has no stitches as glue was used. She's feeling a bit off after the anaesthetic but she can now feel her feet! It's all so quick nowadays, 24 hours after the operation they check if you can manage stairs and walk, and then your discharged. The route to her house was one without the sleeping policemen as she certainly didn't need any bumps!

Yesterday Eric had an appointment at the hospital and had loads if x rays to find out if his elbow was in the correct place. He has been told to use his arm gently with no pushing or pulling. The brace has gone and the fractures are healing nicely, it's  just needs time needed  to heal the damaged tendons. He has another appointment in three weeks so it looks like I am still the driver for a while.

Monday, September 23, 2013

An Update From Wales

We had a lovely few days back in our boaty home, with dog walking, some shopping and lots of lovely peace and quiet in Whixall Marina.. Only one DIY job  to do as the shower gave us just a trickle as the plastic tube inside the steel flexible tube gave up the ghost. A trip to the hardware shop in Ellesmere shop and  it was soon replaced by Eric.

We decided to travel down to Wales on Sunday as the traffic is usually better than on a weekday. We made good progress with a couple of stops for a sandwich and Ben to stretch his legs and water the layby grass of course. Ben watches out of the window as we travel when he could be fast asleep on his comfy bed,without a sound until we got to Clare's turn off and then we had grumbles as he was anxious to be out of the car.

Clare's house looked different as they'd been busy decorating before the delivery of a new corner unit which it very comfy too. They're other settee for very low and getting out of it wasn't easy when you're not so young. We settled down for a lazy evening although Ben the dog had other ideas, he wanted to play ball. Clare's fiancee Ben took him in the garden to play ball so he was happy!!

Clare rang the hospital this morning and there is a bed for her so her back operation is going ahead, so she's now feeling rather nervous. After three postponements already we wondered whether today would be just another one. It'll be good to get the operation done and she hopefully can get on with her life without all the painkillers. Her boss has given her four weeks off work to recover and then she's keen to be back doing her proper job as a motor cycle mechanic.

We're staying in Newport for a while, hopefully she'll have a quick recovery from her operation. Gwen is delighted nanny and grandad are here again. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Grandad's A Robot" said Gwen

On Monday we went back to Newport as Eric had an appointment with the elbow specialist on Tuesday. On Tuesday I dropped him off at the hospital and then took Ben for a walk around Tredegar Park. I took the ball and a thrower so he enjoyed our time there. Next I did the shopping while waiting for a phone call to tell me Eric was ready to be picked up at the hospital. 
Gwen said granddad's a robot!
He now has some sort of brace which allows limited movement of his elbow and next week it'll be adjusted to give a little more movement. They are hoping the bone pieces are small enough not to cause a problem as the specialist does not want to operate. He has to have a MRI scan but the earliest we can get is October 30th......eight weeks after his accident!
We're now back on the boat for a few days before travelling back to Newport for Eric's appointment on Tuesday. Clare's back operation is on Tuesday as well as long as it's not cancelled again and of course there needs to be a bed on the ward, so we may be on dry land for a while longer.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Back On The Boat....For A Few Days!

On Wednesday we came back to our boaty home to find everything was fine. We hadn't planned to be away so long but accidents happen. The journey back was a long one  but after three hours we were home. I can't say I enjoyed the drive but it was nice  to be back. Clare and Ben were happy for us to stay longer but I am sure they'll enjoy a few days without us we have to come back for another appointment.

We've been dog walking and generally enjoying the peace of Whixall Marina.Last night we went to the Horse & Jockey at Northwood for a meeting with the BWML managers for berth holders from the marina, It was informal meeting with a buffet giving us a chance to meet people and ask the managers all sorts of questions. There's quite a few empty berths here and they're obviously trying to fill them, so if you want a residential mooring on the Llangollen Canal,it's a nice quiet place but you definitely need a car as the nearest shop is miles away in Wem.

Today we walked the dog around Colemere, one of the many meres or lakes around Ellesmere.It was a lovely walk as we totally missed the heavy rain which arrived much later. We then drove a little further to get some food shopping in Ellesmere. This evening we lit the fire for the first time since the Summer.

On Monday we're going back to Newport as Eric's got an appointment with an elbow specialist. He needs a scan as there's a piece of bone that's not where it should be. Don't know what they are going to do about it, but we'll find out soon. He's actually got a removable plaster so showering is easier as he doesn't have to worry about getting a wet cast.

Have a nice weekend....let's hope the weather forecaster's have got it wrong!,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Tooth Fairy Is Coming To Gwen

Yesterday we were in Newport and Gwen had a very wobbly front tooth. This morning it fell out so tonight the tooth fairy is coming to Gwen.......I hope she's been a good girl!

Just A Few Photos

Eric with his first plaster
While I was in Newport I was unable to post any photos as I didn't take the laptop and blogger doesn't load photos from my tablet. I still have to upload them to Picasa web albums to load them to Blogger.
Ben getting comfy on Clare's sofa

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Just Some Thoughts

Eric's coping fairly well with one arm in plaster, although showering has become a joint activity .........I haven't had to help him wash before. The only downside of his arm in plaster is that he can't drive and this means I have to do all the driving. It's strange for me as I haven't driven for over six years as when we hired cars the cost of extra insurance for another driver was extra expense.

In Newport there is a new one way system and some big roundabouts have been built in that time. I found these big roundabouts with traffic lights on most confusing but things can only get better. On Wednesday we're going back to Whixall, I usually drive part of the way but this time it's just me, so there'll be plenty of stops as it takes over two and half hours.

It's been great seeing family but I really do miss being in our own boaty home, with just ourselves to please. I'm counting down the'll soon be Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Visit To A & E In Newport

We had a lovely journey down to Newport on Sunday, loads of cars on the road but no real queues other than the slow crawl through Hereford. Eric and I shared the driving. Arriving in Newport Clare's new fiancee Ben made us a roast which went down well , even more so when I didn't have to cook it.

On Monday we had a lovely day involving dog walking, visiting my dad and children's playgrounds with our grandaughter Gwen. Unfortunately the day ended badly when Eric  twisted his ankle and ended up falling backwards and landing awkwardly on his left arm. He dislocated his elbow and fractured the radius at the elbow and wrist ends. So after four and a half hours in A & E  Eric was x-rayed then plastered  and  allowed to leave with a prescription for painkillers.Ben picked us up from the hospital and we found out that Asda had a late night opening pharmacy so we managed to get the painkillers. Last night there wasn't much room for me in bed with Eric and his plaster cast, but at least he had a good night's sleep.

Today we had Gwen for the day and we started off by taking Ben for a long walk. Gwen's a good walker. Clare had a day off so we went to town with Gwen, who ended up having some Disney Princess pink and glittery trainers......she loves shoes!

Eric had some peace and quiet until we came back from town.Later Lisa came in from work, Sally and Dave came down, so it was time for a get together and a  Chinese meal with our three daughters, their partners and our grandaughter Gwen. So now we are suitably full and having a quiet night in.

It looks like we are going nowhere until Eric has been to the fracture clinic on Wednesday. After that we'll probably go back to Whixall Marina, needless to say our planned trip out cruising is cancelled! Thanks to Clare and Ben for letting us stay a little longer than planned.