Saturday, August 17, 2013

Return To Ellesmere

A very full mooring basin at Llangollen
We though we'd be escaping the chaos as we left Llangollen but even before we left we met boaters inventing new rules. On the narrows between the mooring basin and the first house, no boats in the channel so we could go but met a boat just about to come on without checking if anything was coming. We were told there's a sign saying give way to oncoming boats.....there isn't......just tells you to check if a boat is in the narrows. They said it was their right of way because there were three boats going their way.All they had to do was take a look around the corner!

At the next narrows I walked ahead and telephoned back to say it was OK to come through, no problems that time or at the final stretch of narrows so we were soon at Trevor. Coming out of the bridge hole the canal was blocked by a boat waiting to come towards Llangollen.We had no choice we had to take a left for Trevor Basin as there was a boat behind us, then wind the boat to go across the Pontycysyllte Aqueduct.

Trevor Basin
Looking back across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

At the Fron Lift Bridge a gongoozler told us we should put the bridge down as we left it even though there was another boat coming through and they were going to shut it. The sign says only three boats can go through if there's road traffic but there wasn't any and there were only three boats anyway.

Chirk Aqueduct leading to the Chirk Tunnel

Chirk Tunnel with nobody waiting

At Chirk Tunnel and Aqueduct it  was plain sailing with no boats coming towards  so we continued on our way leaving Wales behind to enter England- a truly great border crossing! Some hireboaters told us there's a new rule at Chirk Tunnel which says only two boats should go each way, taking it in turns. No signs say this and it would certainly cause considerable congestion with a short waiting area after the Chirk Aqueduct.

We  had fun all the way to Ellesmere,  with boats passing on any side they chose, lots of panic at bridge holes by the new boaters starting their holidays. Eric rescued a day boat stuck in the mud in a winding hole, by towing it off. At Ellesmere there was no choice of mooring we ended up moored up near the entrance to the nature reserve. On the Ellesmere Arm there were well spaced out boats but no room for our boat.

Eric found the dot in the sky so we had TV and after after tea I went and got some food to fill up the empty freezer which is working  now the low power problem has been sorted. The flashing LED at the back of the freezer had told us of low power and we thought the freezer was faulty but it was the 12v electrics on the boat. Good job I didn't order a new one.

Clare's operation was the 2nd of September but it's been postponed again and she has to ring up for a new date. Perhaps it'll actually happen on the next date, but I won't hold my breath!

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