Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moored Near Prees Junction

NB  Bendigedig
Yesterday morning I walked Ben the dog while Eric had a haircut at the barber's in Ellesmere. A pleasant walk until I met Eric and we passed a lassie type collie which snapped at Ben. We didn't realise  that he'd nipped him until we saw blood from his nose and mouth as Ben doesn't make a fuss if he's hurt himself......he must have got far too close! The bleeding soon stopped  after a bit of first aid with some antiseptic wipes from the chemist. We had a good look when we got back to the boat and found four places where the teeth got him but he's OK, we'll just keep an eye out for any signs of infection.
We left Ellesmere and headed for countryside for some peace and quiet. It's nice to moor near towns but you do get the early morning walkers and joggers passing by and the gritty towpath means you hear the footfall. Quite a few holiday boats about but not so manic as nearer Llangollen, a very pleasant cruise as far as the long straight before the junction with the Prees Branch. The canal is nice and wide so a good place to moor although I thought a few boats were coming to tea as they were so close.
A quiet night with only animal sounds and I had a very good sleep, the first for a while. Often I'm up making tea and reading in the night as I can't sleep. This morning  Eric's has plans to wash and polish one side of the boat, weather permitting. I'll help when I get back from walking the dog. I'm going on the nearby Mosses but this time the insect repellent  will be applied and the legs and arms covered up so I don't get eaten alive like the last time I went walking there.

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