Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maestermyn To The Rescue

We are currently moored up on the Llangollen Wharf, in the same spot we spent last winter by chance. We'd had a problem with flashing cabin lights earlier in the day and when we finally turned off the engine and moored up, we had no 12v power on the domestic side.....oh no! A call to Maestermyn Marine and their engineer came to our rescue as we needed 12v power for the water pump, fridge and the toilet. 

He tested the system and eventually found the problem was with the isolation switch on the 12v domestic side, which had deteriorated and  was stopping all the power getting through. That was replaced and we now have power. The good news is the freezer now works correctly with no flashing led warning us of low power. So it was the 12v electrics with a problem  not the freezer .....a far cheaper fault. 

Yesterday (Tuesday) every mooring space in Llangollen was full, today it's a bit quieter as many boats left before eight o'clock to go through the narrows. On our way into Llangollen we were lucky we didn't have to wait long after I went ahead to see if anything was coming. The boat in front of us had gone without looking and had to reverse back ....he wasn't happy! Just one boat came through and then it was our turn as I stopped a couple of boats at the Llangollen end.

Tomorrow (Thursday) Lisa and Gwen are going home by train from Ruabon, with cheaper advanced tickets purchased today in Wrexham. It's certainly going to be quiet with no early morning calls from Gwen. We have to be away from Llangollen by four pm, so after we do a bit of food shopping we'll be on our way.  Hopefully we'll get through the narrows quickly and as we're going with the flow progress to Trevor should be better.


Rick said...

For some reason I get the impression that you like Llangollen.

Can't say I blame you really, just that **** hill back to the boat.

Hope you are both well,

Richard and Marion.

Elsie said...

Hi Rick and Marion,

Yes we do like Llangollen, it was a good place to take our daughter and grandaughter. Ben the dog likes the walks as long as it was away from the noise of steam trains.

It was very busy this time of the year, I'd prefer it when it's quieter when you can moor up and not be used for target practice by passing boats.
Take care, Elsie &Eric