Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just Pictures Of The Mosses

The sign at the canal side entrance

A map of the Mosses- I walked the  triangular purple walk

A view across the Mosses

The marker post with purple arrows

You can see the peat exposed on the route 

Heather growing alongside the track

This grows in the bog

Another view of the Mosses with big skies

The post showing you cross the Wales/ England border

More heather

Signs showing species to spot
Ben and I walked the purple trail this morning, mainly because I've walked it before and it starts and finishes on the Llangollen Canal. I love the feeling of loads of space on the Mosses with the big skies. Ben enjoys sniffing and smelling as well as watering anything vertical. I just enjoy the peace, all you hear are the birds.
Eric had been busy while I was out washing one side of the boat. After a sandwich  lunch it was a joint effort polishing the boat with Craftmaster Carnauba Wax which means you can see your face in the shine. It takes the dullness off the paint surface and restores the colour........it took us two hours. Now we need to do the other side!

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