Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gwen's Holiday Pictures

A boat ride with Grandad

Another ride in Ellesmere with her mum

Enjoying the ride alongside the Mere

We arrived back in Whixall on Friday with our visitors Lisa and her daughter Gwen and a big bag of food to refill the fridge which had been turned off while we were away. We usually leave it on with the battery charger on a timer but the timer had died again so we decided to turn off the fridge and just keep the batteries topped up with the solar panels.Everthing was turned off except the bilge pump.Although we have a three stage battery charge but prefer not to leave it all the time. While we were away we had a heavy duty timer delivered ...let's hope it survives when we try it out.

On Saturday morning we left the marina deciding to head towards Ellesmere and then on to Llangollen for Lisa and Gwen's stay with us, mainly because there would be more to entertain Gwen. In Ellesmere we went to the park and the Mere and visited a few old haunts led into the woods by Ben the dog. Then we did some food shopping to keep us going until we got to Llangollen.The freezer is empty and turned off as it failed to keep cold enough and I was concerned any food kept in it would be spoiled.Not sure I'd replace it as the noise  of a freezer under the bed can be irritating for a light sleeper like me.

Gwen's been keeping us all busy all day but by seven o'clock she's fast asleep until the morning. Her mornings do start rather early for us about seven but we stay put until a bit later, leaving her mum to entertain her.Today we took Ben for walk and later we made cakes which she thoroughly enjoyed....she likes to lick the bowl just like my children when they were her age....such a long time ago.

Tonight we found a quiet mooring half a dozen bridges from  Frankton Junction but it turned out to be spoiled by three gunshot sounds  every so often until eight o'clock, must be a bird scarer. Ben had retreated to hide in the shower room and he's currently still hiding in a dark corner although the noise has stopped. Hopefully  he'll come out later.

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