Monday, August 26, 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend

The Bank Holiday Weekend has escaped the boaters here in Whixall, it reminds quiet as usual. We decided to come back to the marina because we wanted to avoid the madness on the canal. Here there are no boats passing at 6am and no boats crashing into us as they pass too close.

We have been out in the car which made quite a change from 4mph or usually much less. We went food shopping in Wem where there's a big Coop, it was a change not to have to carry shopping a long way back to the boat.

On Saturday we decided to go out for a drive to Wales, I wanted to see some hills and I wanted to see the sea. We headed for Barmouth, why there you ask? Mainly because when we moored in Llangollen for the winter we used to see the X94 Barmouth bus and often wondered what Barmouth was like. I imagined a small place but it's a very big place if it's beaches and seaside you're want. The beach is segregated so there's a huge area where dogs are allowed on a lead, not that the dog owner's there read that bit. Ben stayed on his long's a very big beach if he decided to go and play with the other dogs, and he can be unsociable with big dogs so that's not a good idea.

Yesterday was a thoroughly lazy day apart from Eric and I taking Ben for a long circular walk starting down the Prees Nature Reserve and returning via some country lanes with the help of Google Maps.Ben was flaked out afterwards so it must have been long enough. We had a very lazy afternoon after we'd eaten our Sunday roast.

Today I did the walking, leaving Eric in charge of the dyson.....he does a very good job when it comes to vacuuming.  I had the misfortune to walk past a moored boat with Ben closely to me on a short lead as I could see a dog outside the boat. It came growling towards us and attacked Ben on his back with lots of snarling and barking. The owner did come out but not before Ben had been jumped on.....he took his dog in ....not even an apology. It was a totally unprovoked attack.Needless to say we walked via the Mosses on the way back.Luckily Ben had slobber on his back but no blood, no wonder he doesn't like black dogs.

It's been incredibly hot today, I felt quite sick when I got back, the heat or the upset, I was actually sick! But I'm fine now...feeling much better!

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