Friday, August 23, 2013

Back To Whixall Marina

What have we been up to the last few days.....nothing exciting, we've been moored near Prees Junction. We've had a busy few days doing some jobs on the boat. There's always something on the list (not that we make a list) waiting to be done. The first job was painting the gunnels on one side with black paint to cover two years of scrapes. After that it was time to treat some tiny rust spots on the one side so they could be touched up with a spot of paint. 

The one side done we went for a ride, while I walked the dog Eric steered the boat. We winded the boat at the next turning point after Prees Junction which was Platt Lane and then headed back to moor after Prees Junction in the same spot but facing the other way. It's  a good place to paint the gunnels on the  other side of the boat as the bank is low. 

In the morning I put on a long sleeved top with my trousers were tucked into my socks, then bug repellant sprayed on any skin showing.......those bugs weren't getting another meal on the Mosses. I now have a leaflet showing the trails so I chose another one, which took about an hour. 

While I'd been walking Eric had washed and dried the other side of the point ready for a polishing session. This time I started polishing at the bow and Eric started at the stern.....we met in the middle. Too shattered to paint that day we relaxed. Just as well Eric didn't paint as we had a thunder storm with very heavy rain. It was bouncing on the gritty towpath and hammering on the roof, a few drops of rain came in via the mushrooms but no drips otherwise.

Today we headed for the turning circle at Hampton Bank enjoying a pleasant cruise before turning round and heading back to Whixall Marina.I walked for a while not enjoying the nettles canalside by the Mosses, but managed only to get stung once. It's been a battle of the bugs this week, as I've been bitten by a mosquito in the nights. There's bug screens up, but somehow one little mossie finds it's way in and has a meal on me. It looks as though Deet will be my new perfume.

So we're currently having a week in the marina  before heading back to Newport, Clare's operation is now on the 24th of September....maybe it'll happen after four postponements.

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