Thursday, August 08, 2013

Back Onboard On Friday

The last week has flown by and we don't seem to have had many quiet moments. I've had far too many MacDonald's this week too. Yesterday was our 42nd wedding anniversary....where have all those years gone? We didn't fancy going out so you'll never guess what we had to eat........a  MacDonald's!! Eric went to the drive through, now his window is fixed. The driver's side window wouldn't open but Clare's friend Ben got it sorted for us. It can be confusing with two Ben's so Ben the dog gets called ' Bendedead dog' which was always Clare's name for him from the time we had a 12 week old  bundle of trouble.

The car's all sorted, serviced and checked to find the only thing needed was new brake discs and pads on the front. The engineer said for it's age  (11 years old) it was in very good condition. It's been so much easier having wheels again and Eric's happier knowing it's all in working order.....he does worry! We've also sorted out AA Cover so he should have even less to worry about.

Tomorrow we're heading back to Whixall for our planned cruise with two extra passengers as Lisa and Gwenllian are coming back with us for a holiday. They'll catch a train back when they've had enough of us. Gwenllian says she's staying for five days but we need to be near a railway station for their return trip so we'll see how many days it turns out to be.

Clare's operation has been moved forward another week to a September date but if it'll happen I really don't know. For now we have three weeks before we return to Newport so that's plenty of time to actually cruise......and we're really looking forward to being on our floaty home. Houses are OK for a few weeks but after that I want to be afloat again.

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