Friday, August 30, 2013

A Week In Whixall

Nothing particularly intersting has happened this week although we've quiet enjoyed being hooked up to shoreline with a water tap nearby on the electricity bollard. Sometimes it's just nice to moor up and stay put. We've been  having a look around the local area and walking Ben of course. Whixall Marina is a great place to be as  Ellesmere, Whitchurch and Wem are not far away.

We've been invaded by wasps at the marina, so we've had to put mesh on the inside of the mushrooms to try and  keep them out. Unfortunately there lots of gaps at the rear on the hatch, so they still find their way in. We always know when one has succeeded , Ben hides under the bed.

The swans on the Mere at Ellesmere

We visited Ellesmere and had a walk by the Mere before sampling the fish and chips from one of Ellesmere's fish and chip shops. We sat on a bench at the end of the Canal Arm and watched the boats turning and mooring up. It's strange going by car, being the tourists watching the boats.

Yesterday we used Google Navigation on my phone to find the way to Colemere via narrow country lanes and walked around the lovely mere, it's only ten minutes away from Whixall and a great dog walking place. Ben loves it in woods, loads of smells and trees to water.

This morning Ben and I had a walk down the unavigable section of the Prees Branch which is now a Nature Reserve. Plenty of bugs down there but I've managed to stay bite free all week due to my insect repellant. The swans and their cygnets have vacated their spot on the towpath, so we were able to walk to the end of the Nature Reserve.

At the weekend we're going to Newport for a few days to look after our grandaughter Gwen.When we come back we're planning trip down the Montgomery Canal by boat of course.

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