Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunday On The Boat

Another scorching day so Ben and I had an early walk when it was cooler leaving Eric preparing the bow to paint. Some new hire boaters hadn't mastered the art of steering and were zig-zagging down the canal hitting the banks.... I told him to steer the way he didn't want to go.....I hoped it helped.

I came back and sat under a tree as it was much cooler outside the boat in the shade. Despite the heat I cooked a roast dinner followed by rice pudding which didn't help the interior temperature on the boat......but we were outside anyway. Ben enjoyed sitting under the tree too.

I did some washing which dried really quickly hung outside and  then read my book sitting under that tree. Eric watched the Grand Prix after tea and after that we decided to work through New Marton Locks. We'd watched the chaos all day at the locks, with queues and hireboats everywhere. The lockie at Frankton said we were going to the madness when we said we were going to Llangollen....she may be right!

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