Saturday, July 13, 2013

Return trip To Whixall

After our two days at Llangollen Basin we had to move on, Ben and I walked on ahead with the narrow one-way traffic sections of canal to get through. We met up with another boat going away from Llangollen so we followed them through as they were using walkie-talkies and told us when the way was clear. It's always a much quicker trip going back as there's no flow against you, so it didn't take long to get to the moorings at Whitehouse Tunnel. We were glad to be moored up with some shade from nearby was just so hot.

On Friday we set off after three day boats, the last of which was still getting the hang of steering. We followed them through Whitehouse and Chirk Tunnels, then across the Chirk Aqueduct which was clear for the convoy. Just two locks to work through at New Marton and we moored up just before Jack Myttons. Again glad of the shade to cool off. The moorings  soon all filled up with the pub being the attraction.There was one noisy boat full of lads on a stag party but it didn't last forever, soon all was quiet other than our freezer's humm as it tries to cope with the heat. It seems to be always on, it's freezing even though we have a flashing led telling us the batteries are low, even when we were on shoreline and the meter shows 12.7 ! I defrosted it, hope it helps. Has anyone else had this probem with Shoreline small chest freezers.....hope it's not going to die on us they're expensive.

Today, Saturday we're  back in Whixall Marina. It's supposed to be the hottest day of the year and it certainly felt like it. On water it usually feels cooler but not today, there wasn't a breath of wind as we cruised......the wind turbines were idle too. Anyway we're on shorepower so the fan's blowing....getting us a little cooler!

Tomorrow we're off to sunny Wales.

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