Saturday, July 06, 2013

Moving Day......Up Frankton Locks

The last two days have been a bit hectic as we've been doing a bit of painting tidying up the bow, and painting the well deck floor. The deck is done but the bow is a work in progress so looks a mess at the moment. 

We've enjoyed the peace and quiet of the Weston Arm but booked a passage up the locks for today. We had a phone call to tell us our daughter Clare was having another scan on her back and her surgery may be brought forward so booked our passage just in case. As there was no change since her last scan she'll have to wait another four weeks for her operation.

So we didn't need to go back to Newport and were able to continue on our way to Llangollen. The weather is glorious....I was melting doing the locks at Frankton. We made our way up the locks passing just one boat coming down. The lass who is the current lock keeper got the staircase ready as we approached and helped us through.

We stopped after just an hour's cruise just below New Marton locks, it was so hot we'd had enough for one day. The painting on the bow  may continue if it cools down a bit. The grass is high on the towpath as nothing as been done, not even the visitor moorings have been cut yet in the winter they were grass cutting in the snow in Llangollen.. Thank goodness for hayfever tablets or I would be suffering.

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